Design & Art Direction for Nike and Dare. — Digital campaign to promote the VapourMax across Eastern Europe.

The challenge with this project was to tap into the relatively small Eastern European running scene, and to promote the release of the new VaporMax trainer. In particular, focusing on cities such as Istanbul, where running and jogging are not currently very popular pastimes. 

The solution was to encourage locals to "Run Your Hood". — In collaboration with local influencers, we created runs that would lead users through their hood, while discovering street art, hangout spots, and other points of interest along the way. These runs would be soundtracked by playlists, curated by the local influencer.


Art Direction for Boss Orange and Catch Studios. — An online brand video to tease the launch of the new Boss Orange eyewear range.


Art direction and UI design for 151Luwolt and Delete. — An online e-commerce platform designed to incubate and showcase the fashion industry's freshest emerging talent. 

Thomas Cook Airlines — Cats On A Plane

Art Direction for Thomas Cook Airlines and Catch Studios. — Our #CatsOnAPlane campaign consists of a series of films featuring 10 distinctive cats showcasing the comfort and service on offer from the airline (and its German sister airline, Condor).

The campaign rolls out in the UK and Germany to inform viewers that they “deserve better”.


Art Direction and Design for Thomas Cook Airlines and Catch Studios. — A series of Facebook carousel ads designed to inspire their followers through bold photography, and strong typographic messages.


Art Direction, Styling and Photography for Castellano. — Bringing the sustainable luxury brand to life ahead of the launch of their new Wayuu Bags.


UI & Digital Design for SES and Catch Studios. — SES came to us looking for a way to modernise there online presence, and to create a website that both reflected their position as a world leading satellite company, as well as showing that they are more than just that. — The result is a website that helps SES showcase the rich, human-focused stories, that their technology creates. 

I Heart Sharks — Anthems

Design & Art Direction for Island Records and I Heart Sharks — Working directly with the band on the digital and print campaign for their second album.

Deliverables for this project ranged from physical CD/Vinyl artwork and press packs, to digital content and website design.

Sony — Alpha

Design & art direction for Sony and Hugo & Cat — This three day shoot aimed to capture specific images which represent each individual camera/lens from the Sony Alpha & NEX ranges. 

All content was shot using cameras and lenses from the Sony Alpha & NEX ranges. This allowed potential customers to better understand the strengths and features of each product.

Waitrose Cellar

Visual design for WaitroseCellar and BBH / Seven Seconds. — Design and development of Production of design concepts and final build visuals, styleguide development and production, asset creation and build preparation.